The Real Wizard of OZ

The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baumby Rebecca Loncraine. This is a book about L. Frank Baum the author of the Wonderful Wizard of OZ and 14 of the other OZ books. Now you may ask why are you talking about this in your disability blog? Well the reason is even though I knew that the Tin man is in essence one big amputation. I had never thought about the amount of facination that Baum had with amputations. In the book it talks about how Baum's Aunt and Uncle were doctors in the Civil War and how the majority of things they were doing in that time were amputations.

This had scared and hunted both of his relatives and also talked about how much is real or fake about the person. This idea fantasiesed me and I guess lead to at least one of the famous characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition (Books of Wonder) . If you are not familar with the books you maybe confused about how the Tin Woodman has anything to do with amputation. The idea of this is the Tin Man made a deal with a witch and he kept geting part of him cut off by an ax and being changed into a machine by the witch. I feel like I probably should have known this as the first 14 Oz books are some of my favorite books of all times and ones I can't tell you how many times I have read.

The book also talked of smaller forms of amputation by creating live things out of inadamit objects such as Jack the pumpkinhead and the sawhourse. These both having to have their limbs and even heads repaired from time to time. While these books have these illusions for one of the first times in books these amputees are not the villians of the story but instead the hero. Even though for instance the Tin Woodman no longer finds he has a heart to marry the girl he loves, the idea he lost his heart in metal is a falsity as the end of the book or the movie in this case goes. They always had the heart, brain, or courage; they just didn't see it. This to I think can be an illusion to poeple with disabilities not seeing their skills untill it is shown to them. I am currious to reread the origional books for myself in this light, not that I neccissarly need a reason to excape to the Wonderful World of Oz.


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