Public Transit

People all the time talk about how cars have made them very independent....maybe that is a detroit thing but I don't think so. For a kid who occassionally passes out while driving cars aren't my mode of transportation, I am a public transportation kid. Going on my first bus by myself thinking I could go anywhere, now that was independence. Now grant it they are slower, sometimes they aren't relieable, but most of the time buses make me gleeful.

Wether it is like this week where the bus driver was going on and on just talking about kids these days. Oh and according to him we don't understand the value of a buck or the value of marriage and well he might be right or wrong. I just think it is fun as long as it isn't too much to listen and people watch on the bus.

I have been going through some angst that one of the huge things about me jobs searching is the place has to have public transit. I am amazed by which colleges have it and which do not. I always am thinking about it. It is the first thing I check. It is the thing I double check too. It still brings me joy. Sometimes I wonder slowly I think they are going to have cars that drive for you. I can't wait till that day


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