This is just a random observation. I was at the big autoshow in Detroit today, I have lived in this area my entire life and have never been to the autoshow. So anyways one of the things that plesantly suprised me was how accessible it seemed to be. Grant it I am not in a wheelchair or have any mobilitiy concern but I do really pay attention to accessiblity as an issue. I have been very concious of it since college.

Anyways so I was very impressed by the Ford specifically and most of the other displays that they were almost completly barrier free. I mean any level change was done with sligh incline ramps. and done on ever edge. The only cars that were not done in this manner were cars that no one was supposed to touch or get close to. There were a couple of car companies that did not do this had a raised level by a step and had a ramp in the back or volkswagon who had a completly elevated part with lots of steps(I could not find an obvious elevator but there may have been one). The companies I saw who were not as good were volkswagon/audi and hunda. The did have some basic accessible but parts of their display was not and other parts were only accessible by hidden ramps.

I just was very impressed by the barrier freeness design that seemed to be the mainstay opposed to the exception. I know I am a geek go to an autoshow and be completly impressed by the barrier freeness of the design. An accessiblity geek.... I guess that describes me :).


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