Are you handicapped?

So I was looking at a jobs eeo thing today and one of the questions was are you handicapped? The funny thing is if it asked are you disabled I would of hit Yes right away. I don't know why changing the word made me stop and think really handicapped who uses that term anymore. I also found my inside voice going no I am not I am a person with a disability!!!

I think it is funny how things go, how much just a little switch or change makes an important change in how I identify. Handicapped, it means hand in cap, so it means you are a begger and I am not a begger. However, I know a lot of people do not like the term disability. I always think it is just fun. Maybe because I always think of the disability community when I hear it. I always find myself at ease with it. I always find it so fine, I always find it so easy to just have it roll off my toungue yep I am a person with a disability.


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