Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

Aimee Mullins is a former paralympian who became a model and I ran into the previous link on one of my disabiltiy lists. The second link tells more about her basic story. I love it because it talks about disability as an art form. Talking about prostetic legs as something that were art or are "better" in someway then regular legs.

I find it facinating for my love of looking at gender both feminity and muscalinity and it's performance in the disability community. I think it talks a lot about "overcoming" disability; but it also talks about a sence of aceptance and pride at the same time. I think it leads the question of if you don't like the term disability can you have disability pride? Sometimes I think you can.

I also find it insteresting from my feminist view on focusing so much on the astetic and beauty and making women seen more as objects. However at the same time I think it is emensly important for people to see people with disability as beautiful. I also think it is important for adaptive technology in general to be something more then just a tool because they are truely something that can be a part of your person why make them ugly? I also think the ability to look at adaption and changing your view of body and changing your movement as being something that is very powerful.

I love the line of "disiegning the body from a place of empowerment" I also think that it is interesting that she seems to be okay with the term disability and at the same time not seem to like the term.


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