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Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 4

So I talk about teachers as bad or good well now I am going to talk about the moderate. I had a teacher in 7th and 8th grade that was the 2nd most strict teacher I have ever had. She was the type of teacher who in one look could make you hide in yourself and think she was going to kill you. I was deathly frighten of her. Did I mention till  high school I was a bit wimpy and quiet geeky. Anyways so this teacher was very short and quick, we used to think of her as a sargent in boot camp a grammer boot camp. At the time I didn't like her but at the sametime I respected her to some extent. She would bring in students to talk about high school and college to us and talk about how this boot camp of sorts was the best thing that helped them prepare for college and high school. I thought it wasn't true, but I am here to say I have used the things she taught me almost everyday of my life. Were her tactics unconventional, hell yeah, do I say I wish I wasn't frightened of her, yeah. …

The Real Wizard of OZ

The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baumby Rebecca Loncraine. This is a book about L. Frank Baum the author of the Wonderful Wizard of OZ and 14 of the other OZ books. Now you may ask why are you talking about this in your disability blog? Well the reason is even though I knew that the Tin man is in essence one big amputation. I had never thought about the amount of facination that Baum had with amputations. In the book it talks about how Baum's Aunt and Uncle were doctors in the Civil War and how the majority of things they were doing in that time were amputations.

This had scared and hunted both of his relatives and also talked about how much is real or fake about the person. This idea fantasiesed me and I guess lead to at least one of the famous characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition (Books of Wonder). If you are not familar with the books you maybe confused about how the Tin Woodman has anything to do with amputation. The idea of…

Public Transit

People all the time talk about how cars have made them very independent....maybe that is a detroit thing but I don't think so. For a kid who occassionally passes out while driving cars aren't my mode of transportation, I am a public transportation kid. Going on my first bus by myself thinking I could go anywhere, now that was independence. Now grant it they are slower, sometimes they aren't relieable, but most of the time buses make me gleeful.
Wether it is like this week where the bus driver was going on and on just talking about kids these days. Oh and according to him we don't understand the value of a buck or the value of marriage and well he might be right or wrong. I just think it is fun as long as it isn't too much to listen and people watch on the bus.
I have been going through some angst that one of the huge things about me jobs searching is the place has to have public transit. I am amazed by which colleges have it and which do not. I always am thinking a…


This is just a random observation. I was at the big autoshow in Detroit today, I have lived in this area my entire life and have never been to the autoshow. So anyways one of the things that plesantly suprised me was how accessible it seemed to be. Grant it I am not in a wheelchair or have any mobilitiy concern but I do really pay attention to accessiblity as an issue. I have been very concious of it since college.
Anyways so I was very impressed by the Ford specifically and most of the other displays that they were almost completly barrier free. I mean any level change was done with sligh incline ramps. and done on ever edge. The only cars that were not done in this manner were cars that no one was supposed to touch or get close to. There were a couple of car companies that did not do this had a raised level by a step and had a ramp in the back or volkswagon who had a completly elevated part with lots of steps(I could not find an obvious elevator but there may have been one). The com…

Are you handicapped?

So I was looking at a jobs eeo thing today and one of the questions was are you handicapped? The funny thing is if it asked are you disabled I would of hit Yes right away. I don't know why changing the word made me stop and think really handicapped who uses that term anymore. I also found my inside voice going no I am not I am a person with a disability!!!
I think it is funny how things go, how much just a little switch or change makes an important change in how I identify. Handicapped, it means hand in cap, so it means you are a begger and I am not a begger. However, I know a lot of people do not like the term disability. I always think it is just fun. Maybe because I always think of the disability community when I hear it. I always find myself at ease with it. I always find it so fine, I always find it so easy to just have it roll off my toungue yep I am a person with a disability.

Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

Aimee Mullins is a former paralympian who became a model and I ran into the previous link on one of my disabiltiy lists. The second link tells more about her basic story. I love it because it talks about disability as an art form. Talking about prostetic legs as something that were art or are "better" in someway then regular legs.
I find it facinating for my love of looking at gender both feminity and muscalinity and it's performance in the disability community. I think it talks a lot about "overcoming" disability; but it also talks about a sence of aceptance and pride at the same time. I think it leads the question of if you don't like the term disability can you have disability pride? Sometimes I think you can.
I also find it insteresting from my feminist view on focusing so much on the astetic and beauty and making women seen more as objects. However at the same time I think it is emensly important for people to see people with disability as beautiful. I …

You know you are rare

I talked infront of a group of Special Education Teachers this last week. I really enjoyed it. I always find it interesting to learn what the group that is trying to help does. I really wonder what it would be like to be a special ed teacher sometimes. That is what I started out wanting to be in college but I didn't know at that time the breath of different things you could do in the disability world. I was with a group of what I like to call my Disability Activist group. I love them it is so good to feel so comfortable with a group of people with diverse disabilities and talk about disability in a way that challenges all my views. I also just feel comfortable with them.
Anyways, I was on a pannel something I have done many a times at this point in my life. Hi my name is Val and I have a learning disability. It always goes something like that I let them ask anything. I have heard anything you name it I have heard it. So as someone with dyslexia can you have kids? Are you scared a…

The 100 books project

So for the last 4 years my new years revolution is to read 100 books or 30,000 pages. Each year I get closer and closer to this goal but have not achieve it. The first year I tried I got a little under 50 this year I got closer to the page count with 24,444 pages. I count rereads but I have to read the full book. You may ask what does this have to do with dyslexia. I guess that for me there is something amazing about reading because it is something I am supposed to be bad at and I relish in the fact that I continue to read and read a ridiculous amount. Bellow you will find a list of books and my reviews of them.
1) Hey Paesan! edited by Giovanna Capone, Denice Nico Leto, and Tommi Mecca= 311pg This is a book about Italian Lesbians, it was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't know if it would be as good if I wasn't Italian myself.

2)Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer 629pg So yes I am sorry to admit I read the Twighlight series this year. They were sorta adicting but at the s…

So since I am currently at a bowl game I need a sports post

So as I sit here in a group of MSU football fans. Go State by the way. I need to write a sports story for this occassion. Recently there is an LD scandle at Florida State University. The question being I think two fold is it possibile to really have this amount of LD students on one football or basketball team or what does this do to people on these teams who really do have LD because I will bet there are some ligit cases of being LD.
They made it sound like it is job pressure for he person to write papers to players or to give them questions to a test. In disability services isn't your goal to help students become more and more independent. I know that mine sure did. I think anyone who thinks getting through school with out really getting through school is a failing. Getting through college is a great achievement and anyone who makes that achievement no longer real is a failure. I know that there is a lot of presure to help students successed but sometimes students need to fail to…