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Is Disability fluffy?

A very long time ago I was told people with disabilities are fluffy. I took offences to it being that, I think most people who work with LD folks would if anything be called rude and a little rough around the edges. However this fluffyness idea has stayed in my head. I find myself when I hear it thinking of a room in my undergrad that to me was home... and I always secretly hope when I go up there and see my writing on the door(yes someone really should change that sign) that it will be open. I hope most that I am providing that space for my students, in the places I create. I sometimes think 441 needed some kind of older sibling esq character. I think we had visitors but never a real person.

I wish I could be like Brent who seemed to take care of those of us in the attic. He really was the LGBT coordinator but he seemed to take care of all. We also had these random outside folks who would come in and sorta help us out. I also sometimes think now my fluffy spaces are comittees on disa…

Disability and Gender

So I saw this article in a contex of another article about feminism..... Dyslexia/gender I am finding myself both agreeing and disagreeing with this article. I find the fact that the guy is controling her to be wrong... I find myself stuggling with the use of disability as a shrug off or a joke very confusing for me.  in the article from the blog. I also find myself hating the title becuase I find myself being annoyed by the fact that gender not being an impairment is a bad thing where the question of should an impairment it self be bad thing. I find myself angry anfd agreeing all at once and being annoyed.

The main reason being I say I am dyslexic all the time I joke about it. I tease about it..... I also use my teasing as a way to ask for accomodations. In the begining I used it more as a point of frustration when I knew my disability is really interacting with the way someone is talking or the subject or something completley different. I also find myself taking offense to it and wo…

When asked what I would call a developmental model of disability services?

Maybe I am wrong but what I thought development form of disability services meant was a change in conversation model or what your office does not eliminating accommodations. Helping a student talk to a professor, having talks about how and when they talk about accommodations in a job interview, or having adaptive sports or dance. Being more active in awareness such activities and trainings, having students with disability groups, or looking at disabilities services less as a rehabilitation services and more like a multicultural affairs office or women's center. Helping them grow as a leader working on the way they talk about their disability and are able to articulate it more; believing they can have leadership roles within the university. 

Also looking not on the accommodation itself but helping a student who doesn't know how to drive for instance looking at accommodations they might not know of like hand controls or talking about how to use public transit versus bumming rides…

There seems like a lot of disability issues poping up lately

So yesterday was a bad disability day... I am in a new city and my bus to work doesn't run on saturdays so I walked... I live in texas so it is still really warm outside(driving me nuts a little but transit wise it is great). So I could take a couple options to make my walk just a mile versus and mile and half to 2 miles.... choices choices. To me the obvious answer is to walk. On the way there no big done that 3 times now no big. On the way back I got distracted and ended up walking about 2 miles out of my way. Then on the way back I almost got hit by a car. It was the drivers fault he was trying to turn left and go through 3 lanes of traffic into a street and didn't give himself time or see me. However it really scared me cause I couldn't of done one thing. I would of just been hit....

Other news, I had a debate with my disability peeps about the word empower. If empower is a bad word I think it is a good word if it is a giving back to your community word and bad if it i…

Getting ADHD kids to read

This is an interesting article by the author of Percy Jackson. I find it to be really interesting, I question the part about learning differences but I always say that when people call it that. I like the focus on finding a book the kid wants to read. I think it is important to read books that make kids want more and more of books. I don't know how I got into the Wizard of Oz books I don't know why I don't know how. My mom never read them as a kid, but I loved them. They were the books that made me want to read and read and read. I have probably read the 14 book series at least 10 times. Today I think books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the ugglies will continue this trend of loving to read. The big thing is hooking them in. Figuring out what they like to read, wether that is mystery or fantasy or something different. I always say what tv shows does…

Another bus/train post

I just moved to a new city, Dallas. I live with in city limits and absolutely love the transit here. I think it is always interesting cause slowly and slowly I have gone to better transit cities, maybe on the end I will end up in Chicgao or new york or something. What I find interesting is no matter where I am and no matter how much better this bus is from the last or how this one has trains. The people at the location never think it is good enough. I think again I have never gone to transit meccas but this is how most people talk. I do not ever think transit will be better then a car. You have to plan things out and be more location focused, and I think that just doesn't happen that much, people do not think in what do I need to get to and how close is it. I think when people look at their lives usually people are staying in their area of town, but the idea that occasionally the trips would be hard is something people can't get over. I think for me going to these places where…


I love looking at disability books, I also love old disability books. There is a new and old bookstore in Dallas that I was like ooo maybe it will be like john king and I can just by their disability section hahah. Well sadly not so much. I ask the girl where is your disability section and she brings me to the how to teach LD kids with no disability studies like books. I ask her to look up No Pity cause I have not met a book store that doesn't own no pity. Well they had it but it was just all messed in with sociology. It was sooooo annoying. I don't know what I was looking for I just  wanted my disability section.

Usually if it is a small store even they have a disability section. Usually by death and dieing but still at least a disability section. BAH I think they may have seperated up disabilities which makes me angry bah Why would you seperate disability books. Bahhh so this is me being incoherent in my anger at an expectation of a shelf at least and not so much. I still li…


My friend once asked you have been proving people wrong on purpose your entire life when can you just do it for you? It is wierd I think about that question a lot when you are told time and time again you will fail  and then you keep succeeding. When you finally have that job you have been pushing to get. How do you respond. Does that mean you have proved them wrong does that mean you have proved yourself right? Is there something you must automatically do to succeed to find some where to keep pushing yourself is it still good enough to know you are exceeding expectations?

Sometimes I wonder if achieving something you aren't supposed to ever means you are just doing it for yourself. Is it frustrating sometimes yes. There is something wierd in side you that just keeps pushing you forward and you know that by you doing it people can come after you. Disability is in a lot of ways the thing that makes me smile and be giddy all the time. I don't understand it. I don't know why …

ADA 20th a little late....

So ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act turned 20 on July 26th, as a good blogger it is time to write about my favorite law.  Now why is it my favorite law. I think it is my favorite cause everyday I see it working to help me achieve my goals. I think I see it helping. I also see it as this law that I have seen change the world to some extent. It isn't a law like the 19th amendment which clearly changed my possibilities for a better world or numerous other laws that clearly were good in it's own right; but happened before my parents were born or when they were in their teens.

No I was born, I started school the year ADA was passed. I was first spected to have a disability the year ADA was passed. When I entered school this was the law(not IDEA cause I went to a private school) that made it possible for me to get accomodations. In my lifetime i have seen the affect of both the disability rights movement and the ADA. The older I get the less i have to explain my disability…


I am considered by many in my disability group at MSU to be the calm one. I can calmly talk to people about disability I don't get angry. I find this interesting, I talk like an activist and have since I started to get involved with disability student groups. I however do not get angry, I don't fight like an activist. In general I am an academic... I guess it means I probably will evenetually be a proffessor cause that is how I talk. I work with groups I work with in group. I do not find anything wrong with working outside the system it is just not historically how I work or how i find myself being affective. I like to help I like to see ways to affect how people think about disability. That is why I disclose so much I feel if I am open about it maybe they will ask me the stupid questions and not ask the people who are not prepared to answer.

I also do not fit in the box people have for disbailities they see me and I suprise them. I can answer questions and I have thought over…

What is my reaction to cities opting out of the bus system?

I have been lately stoped by myself or someone else who wants to go to one of the cities that has opted out of the county wide bus system. I grant it I have been pretty pleased with the bus system in the Detroit area except I hate it when the cities opt out of the system. The bus system is sorta well great except for things that are out of it's control like cities dumping snow infront of it's stops or opting out or just not actively supporting it. I find that most of the times the bus is pretty good but then I find out something happened and usually it is the cities who aren't supporting the bus. Detroit as a region keeps saying we need to have the infostructure of other cities encouraging transit but frankly you can spout that as much as you want but until action is taken stating that the basic needs are meet of a transit city or region it will never become a better system. I am also saying though that you can easily live just off buses in the city it is absolutely no pro…

Is this funny?

I have been asked two times in the last week if I think this is funny . I have to say both times I saw it I was pretty confused by it since I kept looking at it and thinking am I really this dyslexic that I can not find a spelling mistake on it. I kept looking and getting more frustrated then had to ask someone what the joke was. I guess supposably there is an old joke about dyslexics saying dyslexics of the world untie. A joke i have never heard by the way. So the idea is they couldn't get the joke right. My thought is if a dyslexic was purposely trying to spell something correctly opposed to just spelling for truth I think they would be very cognisnt of making it correct. like this blog I purposely do not spell check. I just go with it but I also do this as a way to show how far I have come from before. 
I guess I dont know if I think it is offessive. I tend to find it a little funny and a little offesive at the same time but it also seems pretty harmless as thin…


So I have been saying accessible instead of handicaped for the last, I don't know 7 years I guess. I like it, and I dislike the word handicapped, which is rummored to derive from begging or in other words hand in cap. Anyways I have been told that focusing on accessibility for all is a better way to look at accomodations. So I have trained my Dad also to say accessible and not handicapped sometimes I think he is more insistant upon using it then I am. I have now watched him ask for accessible seating and bathrooms for my Grandpa and see these blank looks from the people he asks them for. He is pretty insistant on keeping the word too. He won't use handicapped and will rather change to discribing the fact that my grandpa uses a cane. It makes me smile as the people then have this eye roll and say "OH YOU MEAN HANDICAPPED!" My Dad kinda frowns and say yeah.... accessible. It makes me smile a lot.

I always wonder if he asked for the ADA accessible bathroom if they would…

Dyslexic fears

Have you ever been scared to death and don't know why? The three things that always scare me to death even though I have done them a billion times are trying to find a location for the first time, calling someone on the phone, and telling someone with power over me I have a disability. It really does scare me, it is funny there are tons of other stuff that other people are scared of that for me is just common hat. Also I have been told a billion times that people hate group projects and deligating. I have never had a problem with it because I have learned a long time ago to succeed with this disability I have to trust people a lot more. I think then most people can. I also think it is cause well if something goes wrong most of the time it isn't the end of the world.

Okay so fear number one, when you can't tell your left from right and you invert things all the time. Finding things is very scary. My first day of class in grad school(this has happened before but this is my fa…

So how does language effect how we talk

I was going to talk about how all the new e-book readers are or aren't accessible, cause that is what all the people on my listservs are talking about. Yes, Universities that were requiring the use of the Kindle are being told they were being illegal cause kindles and Ipads and iphones are not fully accessible to LD and blind users. But, really that is all you can say it isn't all that interested when we people learn that voice software is important and oh no one who likes to read is going to think etext is as good as audio books so publishers get a hint. If I have a choice on some really cool guy reading lord of the rings versus the annoying etext version I am totally going with the guy who sings but the etext could give access to people. When etext doesn't sound like a robot who can not pernounce everything right maybe they will have problems, will that happen soon? Who knows?

Okay so this leads me to the big question. People have been telling me that disability is sayin…


So I gave a disability presentation for one of my nondisability interviews. If you have been on any college interviews you know they are really long like 8am-5pm and they usually make you do a presentation or some kinda interactive thing. They said to do something you were most passionate about so that has got to be it right I don't know what that says about me. I really enjoied doing the presentations I love presentations. I never know if it is good to do disability presentations to become the disability girl. I guess it is always that question, there are sometimes I say a disability thing and I know instantly that I shouldn't of disclosed and then sometimes I know instantly it was a good idea it is a wierd thing I guess it is who I am right.

Aimee Mullins 2

So awhile ago I put up a video about Aimee Mullins and so I found a new video. I really like her stuff she is really talking about disability in fun and new ways. I am not sure if I agree with her 100% but I do a lot.

So now that I am assuming you have watched the video. I do love how she goes over what is expected of people with disabilities and talks about hoping the definition had been changed. I also love that in the definition abled-bodied is the opposite. I always wonder what that says too. I also love the part about the doctor who bribes her into over working. What I find cool about this video is the focus on taking the disability with you to work with your disability not against it. I love the idea that the disability and the talking about the facts is helpful but not puting limits on capacity is great. What confuses me is she goes on this conversation about redefining disability but she focuses on changing disability to limiting the definition to a lack of spirit. What I am s…

How is your wonderful daughter

I always have this ability to win over teachers. It is something I always find very odd. I think because most times even though I win them over to allow for accomodations it is always for me this sense of they hated me. I never know if it is easier if the teacher is always mean. I think it is harder to see the hate for a teacher who was soo mean but who changes and become better. I know this is a better scenerio, but it makes you feel like if even good teachers don't get it well what is it about you that makes them first hate.

I have this talent, I think it is a coping mechanism to make teachers see that I need the help. The more people push me down the more I want to prove that I am a good kid and I need the help. That I am not lying I am not faking this is who I am. This is who I am meant to be. This is how it all works, and I always wonder how the people who kept fighting them who made them made who gave up. How man of these teachers just would of kept making thier lives hell. …

MSU Community 3

So I have been refinding my MSU disability community after I left. For a long time I was the leader and I never felt after freshman year that I had a disability community. What I felt most was that I was working so hard and that I was some how this leader that got it and no one else did. I sometimes wonder if this was healthy or that you just eventually get to this point where you have become this leader and couldn't be challenged. The people who started to challenge me more and more were the  adults on the adaptive sports comittee I was on. The wierd thing about this comittee was even though there was this sense of the comunity I searched for it also was very flawed. Even thought I kept searching for this greater find. It worked really well. Like I found this connection with them even though it was this different kind of connection. I learned so much about the effects sports had on people exspecially people who hadn't been able to have it. The wierd thing about disability com…

Do you remember the first time someone looked at you and said Finding Nemo has no disability in it?

I have found that kids movies have slowly moved from hunchback of notre dame. Can we say tiny tim and super crip all molded into one big mushy oh there is nothing wrong with that disability steryotype to How to Train Your Dragon Book 1 the movie. Amputees like wow and all sorts, dragons, large vikings, and teenagers. I find this very interesting cause what I have found at least with things like Cosby show and Finding Nemo is that when disability is inserted into the media the general population when asked what is your favorite disability movie or tv character still can't mention one. It has always been something that has annoyed me.

I can rattle off many movies and tv shows with disabilities. I can just name and keep going like it is nothing. However I find time and time again "normal" people can't name one. In fact a class I taught about gender and disability said time and time again I love X movie and never realized there was someone with a disability in it. I am l…


So this have come up time and time again that sttudents do not plan enough to get their exam accomodations. I know students in college are in controll of their accomodation process. I fully belive that students should try to realize that accomodations are something that has to be planed for but I keep falling back upon the idea that no other population has to plan not to be discriminated against. Disability is in essence all about plaining. I always think it is funny that this group in a lot of cases has documatation saying they are horrible planners.

Life in disability is planning for a ride, a test, planning extra time for a paper, and trying to figure out what buildings are both accessible to go into and to use thier bathroom. This is probably the greatest burden on people with disabilities, not that they have a disability but by how long to acomodate for the disability takes. I will admit that while I am stating this there are also other things to consider is this really the probl…

It's all in the details!!

So I am told time and time again that LD kids get lost in details. Everyone thinks this is funny for me to say because I am a history major for undergrad. Sometimes I laugh about that yeah, those are the people who didn't take history in college. Everyone assumes that history is dates and facts. Yeah it is sorta that but in college it is more about the story, the cause and effect in college every class had one date you had to know. If you were in Irish history class you needed to that 1916 was the year of revolution or an Indian history class that 1947 was the year of partition. You start to learn that the only thing that maters if you are given a list of things you can put which one happened next or before not so much that date. Or i have heard at least know the decade, time and time again and with some of it at least know the century, which always makes me laugh when people say history is all about dates. History is about story telling, I rember things cause i know th story. I l…

Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 5

So I am in a happy mood. My second grade teacher was the first one who other then my parents told me I was smart. She was this rock. It continued the entire time I was at the school if i was angrey or upset I would go to see her.  I wasn't a good student at that time, I was quiet horrible in fact. As my third grade teacher I always wanted to get even and prove wrong my second grade teacher I always wanted to make proud. When I graduated from high school the only person I wanted to let know was her. She told me to tell her when I graduated College but I didn't I was like oh I will tell her after masters and that has turned to when I get a real job. Something she can be proud of, silly I guess. I don't remember much about her anymore... it has been so long all i remember is feeling I can.  I also remember she used to yell so loud you could hear it outside her classroom. I was sooo scared to be in her class but it was one of the best things ever. Also she used to hug her stud…


I have been thinking that math word problems are sorta kryptonite to LD peeps. First you have words that have to be in a very specific sequence you can't just get a general idea of what is going on, which is how I read. I read in paragraphs so when you are only given a paragraph it becomes very hard. Also word problems are trying to teach you to read word for word and try to trick you. When it is trying to trick normal kids it definatlly tricks me.

I find it interesting seeing this happen with kids I work with. I am trying to do all those tell tale things underline the not in the word problem. What is this problem really asking you. How do you solve this problem. What are the numbers you really need to worry about?

Also going into Kryptonite, my other kryptonite is really bright pieces of paper. I am always amazed how many people in student affairs use them. It is funny cause untill college it was never a big issue cause no one used that type of paper. I guess it makes things look…

inadvertanly outed someone to herself

So I am working with a kid who was getting medicine for ADHD so I thought she would know. She didn't so I told her she did. I don't know if this is good or bad. I am very confused by this.... I brought it up because as she is telling me letters move on a page I think oh we should start reading percy jackson I bet she would like it. So I start talking about it and go oh he has ADHD and dyslexia like we do. She goes like what.... I realize I put my foot in my mouth but with a little kid do you say it. I don't feel it is my decision to say. However my mom read me my documentation when I was 6..... so I guess I don't really think of it as being bad. It was a bad tutoring day. She was having a bad disability day and I was having a I am really tired day. Not a good combination, I hope saturday is better.

Never thought i would find a series I would like more then Harry Potter

So I mentioned I would write a review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-3) as soon as I read the books. Well I have read now 3 of the 5 I have not devored books like this so quickly in a series in so long. I almost want to say they were better then Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7), yes I know that can't be true. Oh my are they amazing I just read 3 books in what comes to about 2 days, other then showing I don't have that much to do and go completly in book coma for 2 days I am obsessed. I am in love, they have dyslexic and ADHD jokes and examples through out. It is also my favorite genera. I love fantasies, I love disabilities, and I love disability Hummor.

I also find myself laughing outload a lot. I really think that the character development is great, I love that it has both girl and guy heroes in it. I love that I am completly immersed in it. I find myself wanting to finish the series ASAP but also being really disappointed that I am…

Religion and Disability

So I am sitting in church listening to my most meh sermon, which is the blind guy returns his sight. I find it interesting that untill this day I have walked down the street with friends and people have tried to heal my friends in wheelchairs or who is blind. Arguing if you just had faith you would be healed. I always find myself sorta wincing when I hear this gospel but today I was thinking well really this could totally be a prodisability thing.

First you got a guy who is begging and being told he is a sin of his families creation. No one wants to talk to him.... ah the old days of disability. Then you have Jesus and he looks and sees the guy who is blind and heals him. I find it interesting that untill this time and even after because his disability he isn't seen as human. The pharisees listen to him talking and don't belive him that clearly since he was a sign of sin he could never really have a good thing happen. They also don't belive him so they ask his parents, how…

Just saw a cool LD movie(Percy Jackson and the Olympians) SPOILERS a little no ending spoilers.

So I just watched The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) movie oh my was it amazing. I felt like it was everything I could want in a movie, I have not read the book yet. I am going to totally buy it though, cause a) it is an LD book I like my disability book collection to grow and b) if I liked the book half as much as I liked the movie I am going to want to read it over.

So I went to the movie not sure what to expect, I definatly was not expecting a disability movie exspecially an LD and ADHD movie. I am in love, I am sooo geeked. So this kid Percy is the son of Posiden and growing up he was diagnosed with LD and ADHD and his best friend uses crutches.  He finds out the reasons he has dyslexia and ADHD is because they are part of his abilities he is hardwired to read ancient greek so he has hard times reading other languages and also ancient greek is supposably right to left. He is constantly observing everything and can't keep on track becuase it helps him…


Hey check this out it is pretty cool, I love the way the guy did an online video to get people to help him learn how to play zelda. I really liked the way they focused this on the way he could play the game. I also like the way that the gamer guys are all excited by how much they love zelda. I also think it is a pretty cool idea and wonder if this could be done for more games and if the gaming companies do this kinda thing anyway and it is something they could create into a text file.

I think that it shows the great way that independence and doing something on your own in the disability community, sometimes comes with a lot of help from other people however it is still independence. I also think it was a little wierd that they seemed to focus more on the kid that helped other then the person with the disability. However I think by doing that it focuses more on the creation of the adaption and less on the creation of a super crip.

ASL in Fantasy

I just finished reading the The Sword of Shannara which is an okay book. It is very lord of the ringsy so not as origional as I would of hoped. However what did excite me about the book is the use of sign language in it. One of the trolls in the book loses his ability to speak and teaches himself sign language to communicate. It is a way that this troll is able to defeat part of the villian in the book. It was this random insert that made me go hummm maybe this isn't as much of a typical book as I thought. It also made me sorta want to read the other books to see if he incorpurates more disability stuff.  Anyways just a little ooo yay disability used in a good light or at least adaption used that way.

Community the MSU story continued: MSU 2

So after being involved with the group for awhile, I got really involved in student government pushing for positive things to happen on campus. Such as noticeing new signs and automatic doors on campus and apology notes from different people on campus. It was this exciting time for me, the only problem was that I was still feeling well I only have LD that isn't a big disability so I always kinda felt a little issolated.  There was another girl who didn't have a disability at all and she felt a little issolated too but slowly more connected to the group.

Both of the leaders at the time were really good about trying to make the MSU community feel  like the disability community was the easiest community to feel  connected to cause everyone has so different disabilities that everyones idenity is different in the community. They were very colaberative I loved it. I think it is where I truely learned my sense of colaberation.

One day me and one of the leaders were rolling back talki…

I love the bus :)

So I have been told my entire life there is no public transit in Detroit. So I never used it.  I went away to college and used it a little but walked almost everywhere cause it was easier.  When I went away to grad school I used it almost exclusively, I always thought people would walk a lot in Iowa.... farmers and all.... nope not so much they all took the bus.  So I used it more and liked it. Now I am back home and find myself using it to ger places I never thought I could get to with out driving. I am loving it, grant it I have to plan but you know being disabled don't you always have to plan :).

I have gone North, South, East and West all with ease i have found myself going at least 15 miles on the bus and I think even more. What does amaze me is how since it is more to get to points going 3 miles can sometimes take as long if not longer then going 10 but when you use the bus you think more in grids. I am not saying that if I figured I could drive that I wouldn't public tr…

Disability Community: MSU 1

Ah sigh, did I ever mention how much I love disability community? Oh, I did I know, can I tell you again? I have alluded and keep alluding too the fact that I found a disability home in college.  I came into college researching about disability offices first. If I couldn't find their website I wouldn't give them the light of day. I looked at about 5 schools, most of them were pretty good I was looking at special education at the time so I always figured if they are good in special ed their disability services have to be at least decent right?

There was one where you went into and the office looked like a cubby you could hardly get into and the woman was very dishearted I felt bad for her. There were other ones with huge offices and a lot of experience. I would always ask do you have a disability student group 2 of them had one. I really wanted to be a part of one when I got involved with college.

So my disability office had this orientation it was called wow(did I ever mention…

It's a bad dyselxic day

So I can never remember any numbers and it looks like I inverted numbers again in a bank issue I am having and I just moved to a place where my bank is not. So I either have to drive out of state or find some other way to resolve it. I am so pissed first at myself, cause I can't belive I did this and I should of taken care of this before I moved but I kept telling myself well maybe I will just wait till I move again, but being that I invert everything wrong I am not suprised I did.  I feel so stupid, I can be all happy go lucky disability girl most the time but sometimes you just have a bad disability day.

Now I am sure it sounds like i stole my own idenity or something stupid to my bank. I don't mean to. I didn't mean to invert, I didn't mean to not switch my adress yet, I just want to get this resolved. Everything that could of gone wrong has gone wrong.

Finding yourself looking at a youngerself

I am tutoring someone with manny of my problems. I am trying really hard to figure out ways to get her into her school work. I hear her pain. I hear that loss, that loss of everyone else can do this and I can't. She is a great girl. I love working with her, but she challenges me. I am trying hard to come up with things that let her wiggle her way through stuff.

 I find myself trying to be as patient as someone was with me. Trying to teach lessons but also teach self confidence. I am trying to make learning fun, but also make learning needed. I love to read, and to try to remember a time where I couldn't is hard. I have a feeling that was true at one point but I don't remember it.  Going to school, writing, spelling... all of those things my hatered for are very vivid, in fact those are things I don't do with her because I have a lot of trouble with still how can I teach those. Math and reading I can and other stuff. Social Studies the thing I love, I love story telling…


I find myself facisnated by adaptions and disabilities, I think from the moment I realized that my disability wasn't some curse. It has facisnated me, how does my brain think differently. How does someone walk with a prostesis. Why does different colored paper affect how I read? Why is it that I only see in still frames and have a photographic memory of some books and can quote and know the page number and some it is like a vacum I read day by day by day and nothing sticks like that.

Some of it is clear I know why dyslexics are known to be good deligators. The first thing you learn as a dysleixic is you have to figure out a way not to be the note taker in a group of 4 when you have to report back to the class. I know I have to figure out a way to make one of these people write. "Oh I know look that one over their has great handwriting, before teacher asks I should say oh Blah person your handwriting is gorgeous" and then when everyone has been told we need a notetaker, w…

The olympics/paralympics

So to me I find it so wierd that everyone is so amazed that their was a tourchbarer who was in the paralympics. China had many more paralympians in their cerimony, it is not unuasual well maybe since atlanta not as unusual. Grant it I am happy more awarness for the paralympics is great. As a very pro adaptive sports person I am greatly happy. However, it was one person out of the whole cerimony, one person when the paralympics happen in the same venues in the same place. Also did I mention that the U.S. is one of few countries that does not publize or show the paralympics at all. They are this year showing it online. This was sited as one of the reasons that the U.S. did not get selected as the host site for the New York olympics.

I think we should applaud small steps, but really I want to see sledge hockey on normal tv. I want to have access to watch adaptive sports on tv. The olympics have always facsnated and it has always been something that I think celebrates adaption and pushing…

The Helper

When I was little and feeling horrible, there was a tutor who taught me how to fly. So now I am a tutor working with kids who you can tell are defeated. I am really struggling with this. Can I be that tutor, her I am the dyslexic, the LD kid, and the ADHD girl. How can you teach something that you can not 100% do. I guess that is something all teachers struggle with no one is 100% knowledgable.

I hope it works, it seems to be. I do like saying to a kid you know that was how my report card looked when I was your age it gives an entirely new perspective. I am enjoying this tutoring thing. I just kinda wonder what will happen when I find that new SA job. In the economy I guess I can't really worry about that new job I am working so hard to get, I must focus on the now. I am really like tutoring. I feel for the kids I tutor, I can really relate with them. I see their pain and I keep going I have been there.

I try a buncha different things that helped me. I find myself concously trying…

Disability debates 1

So I keep having disbaility discusions on facebook with my friends and getting all my disabilty bloging out of me hahah. So i thought why not put it here. This is response to what do you say when someone says all of us have disabilities.

I think there is a legal definition for disability, and I think that what it goes into is more the affect a disability has on your life and the preception that other people have that you have a disability. That has been increased by society to create an enviornment that creates an idenity a cominality of experience. I think the corect statement isn't that everyone has a disability but everyone can become disabled.

I think that a disability; becomes a disability when an adaption for that disability isn't a seamless connection in society. Eyeglasses are seamless no one thinks of vision as a disability if eyeglasses correct them; the common little kid wants to get glasses at times cause it is cool. I don't worry about talking to a professor ab…
I love to talk about disability postively I love it. I love disability culture and pride and ability and adaption. I love everything about it. I see it in shades of light and contrast. I love the beauty of adaption. I know it is wierd but it is me it is who I am. I am constantly reminded of the pity orientaion of most people who work with people with disability. I keep getting scared that I will catch this view point. I look at oppression all the time I work on the ebs and flows of oppression of people with disabilities when to stand up to it when not to. I look at a fight of access as something truely intigrated in life.

I think that because eventually everyone will probably gain a disability and usually it is something that happens later in life it is something most people feel they know. I keep going to this place of complete support for people with disability and I don't know how else to talk about it. I think of this room this place where I feel so accepted by people with dis…

Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 4

So I talk about teachers as bad or good well now I am going to talk about the moderate. I had a teacher in 7th and 8th grade that was the 2nd most strict teacher I have ever had. She was the type of teacher who in one look could make you hide in yourself and think she was going to kill you. I was deathly frighten of her. Did I mention till  high school I was a bit wimpy and quiet geeky. Anyways so this teacher was very short and quick, we used to think of her as a sargent in boot camp a grammer boot camp. At the time I didn't like her but at the sametime I respected her to some extent. She would bring in students to talk about high school and college to us and talk about how this boot camp of sorts was the best thing that helped them prepare for college and high school. I thought it wasn't true, but I am here to say I have used the things she taught me almost everyday of my life. Were her tactics unconventional, hell yeah, do I say I wish I wasn't frightened of her, yeah. …

The Real Wizard of OZ

The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baumby Rebecca Loncraine. This is a book about L. Frank Baum the author of the Wonderful Wizard of OZ and 14 of the other OZ books. Now you may ask why are you talking about this in your disability blog? Well the reason is even though I knew that the Tin man is in essence one big amputation. I had never thought about the amount of facination that Baum had with amputations. In the book it talks about how Baum's Aunt and Uncle were doctors in the Civil War and how the majority of things they were doing in that time were amputations.

This had scared and hunted both of his relatives and also talked about how much is real or fake about the person. This idea fantasiesed me and I guess lead to at least one of the famous characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition (Books of Wonder). If you are not familar with the books you maybe confused about how the Tin Woodman has anything to do with amputation. The idea of…

Public Transit

People all the time talk about how cars have made them very independent....maybe that is a detroit thing but I don't think so. For a kid who occassionally passes out while driving cars aren't my mode of transportation, I am a public transportation kid. Going on my first bus by myself thinking I could go anywhere, now that was independence. Now grant it they are slower, sometimes they aren't relieable, but most of the time buses make me gleeful.
Wether it is like this week where the bus driver was going on and on just talking about kids these days. Oh and according to him we don't understand the value of a buck or the value of marriage and well he might be right or wrong. I just think it is fun as long as it isn't too much to listen and people watch on the bus.
I have been going through some angst that one of the huge things about me jobs searching is the place has to have public transit. I am amazed by which colleges have it and which do not. I always am thinking a…


This is just a random observation. I was at the big autoshow in Detroit today, I have lived in this area my entire life and have never been to the autoshow. So anyways one of the things that plesantly suprised me was how accessible it seemed to be. Grant it I am not in a wheelchair or have any mobilitiy concern but I do really pay attention to accessiblity as an issue. I have been very concious of it since college.
Anyways so I was very impressed by the Ford specifically and most of the other displays that they were almost completly barrier free. I mean any level change was done with sligh incline ramps. and done on ever edge. The only cars that were not done in this manner were cars that no one was supposed to touch or get close to. There were a couple of car companies that did not do this had a raised level by a step and had a ramp in the back or volkswagon who had a completly elevated part with lots of steps(I could not find an obvious elevator but there may have been one). The com…

Are you handicapped?

So I was looking at a jobs eeo thing today and one of the questions was are you handicapped? The funny thing is if it asked are you disabled I would of hit Yes right away. I don't know why changing the word made me stop and think really handicapped who uses that term anymore. I also found my inside voice going no I am not I am a person with a disability!!!
I think it is funny how things go, how much just a little switch or change makes an important change in how I identify. Handicapped, it means hand in cap, so it means you are a begger and I am not a begger. However, I know a lot of people do not like the term disability. I always think it is just fun. Maybe because I always think of the disability community when I hear it. I always find myself at ease with it. I always find it so fine, I always find it so easy to just have it roll off my toungue yep I am a person with a disability.

Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

Aimee Mullins is a former paralympian who became a model and I ran into the previous link on one of my disabiltiy lists. The second link tells more about her basic story. I love it because it talks about disability as an art form. Talking about prostetic legs as something that were art or are "better" in someway then regular legs.
I find it facinating for my love of looking at gender both feminity and muscalinity and it's performance in the disability community. I think it talks a lot about "overcoming" disability; but it also talks about a sence of aceptance and pride at the same time. I think it leads the question of if you don't like the term disability can you have disability pride? Sometimes I think you can.
I also find it insteresting from my feminist view on focusing so much on the astetic and beauty and making women seen more as objects. However at the same time I think it is emensly important for people to see people with disability as beautiful. I …

You know you are rare

I talked infront of a group of Special Education Teachers this last week. I really enjoyed it. I always find it interesting to learn what the group that is trying to help does. I really wonder what it would be like to be a special ed teacher sometimes. That is what I started out wanting to be in college but I didn't know at that time the breath of different things you could do in the disability world. I was with a group of what I like to call my Disability Activist group. I love them it is so good to feel so comfortable with a group of people with diverse disabilities and talk about disability in a way that challenges all my views. I also just feel comfortable with them.
Anyways, I was on a pannel something I have done many a times at this point in my life. Hi my name is Val and I have a learning disability. It always goes something like that I let them ask anything. I have heard anything you name it I have heard it. So as someone with dyslexia can you have kids? Are you scared a…

The 100 books project

So for the last 4 years my new years revolution is to read 100 books or 30,000 pages. Each year I get closer and closer to this goal but have not achieve it. The first year I tried I got a little under 50 this year I got closer to the page count with 24,444 pages. I count rereads but I have to read the full book. You may ask what does this have to do with dyslexia. I guess that for me there is something amazing about reading because it is something I am supposed to be bad at and I relish in the fact that I continue to read and read a ridiculous amount. Bellow you will find a list of books and my reviews of them.
1) Hey Paesan! edited by Giovanna Capone, Denice Nico Leto, and Tommi Mecca= 311pg This is a book about Italian Lesbians, it was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't know if it would be as good if I wasn't Italian myself.

2)Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer 629pg So yes I am sorry to admit I read the Twighlight series this year. They were sorta adicting but at the s…