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In the last week I watched Mosters vs Aliens. I think today I have been thinking about the idea of superpowers, abilities and disabilities. What is the idea of a superpower? We see it all the time in a superhero movie guy or gal x gets hit, bitten, and dropped in vat of supergenic goop; horible consiquences she or he becomes a mutant or deformed or some how hurt beyond repair but magically instead of having a server problem these people can fly, shoot out webs, or become liquid.

There is a lot of time this arch of this is the worst thing that happened to me, oh wait this is kinda cool tooo, but there is bad parts "Oh look saved the world" maybe this is just how it is. When I see these movies mosters vs alien being example this week, I always think of disability. I see a lot of comparisions of the abilities you see the advantage and disadvantage easier then others say the ability to fly, the disabilities you wonder is this really an advantage at all, and the ones everyone trys to cure all the time. I am not going to say that super powers and disabilities are the same but I do think the arch in the stories of understanding can be very similar to disability.

There is particularly this idea in mosters vs aliens where the mosters are seen as these horrible scary beings, that these genetic mutations or abilities are only seen as something that has to be locked away. I think this arch is particularly interesting because they talk about the mosters being put away in the 1950s; which also happens to be around the start of the more modern disability rights movements with true accumulation of events happpening in the 60s and then you look at the change of perceptions to the end of the movie going to acceptance of mosters.


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