Happy Holidays: Proffessors the good the bad and the Ugly 3

So I tend to talk about the bad of teachers and proffessors but here is an example of the good. I had a proffessor in college he was my Political Science and Philosphy proffessor. It was about a 200 person class and there are 2 test both esay tests. The way it works for requesting accomodations in college is you go to the disability services office every semester and get a form that says what you need in the class and you give that to your proffessors. I gave my sheet to this proffessor and he came off very curious and responded I have never had a student with a learning disability before how does this work. I explained that before each test I give you a form and then you walk the test and form over to this office on campus. He says okay but he is confused by the office I say I will walk you and the test over but I can't take over the test because the disability services.

So I walk him to the office and he is really nice and talks to me while we are doing this. Then when I get there he drops off the test and says he will be back half way through to ask if I have questions. This is something I have never had a proffessor do even if the test is in the same building. This was the case for both tests treated me like a "normal student" and never gave me any hassel. Two years after this I saw him on campus and he remember my name and was actively interested in what I am currently doing. I would like to say this is normal but it isn't. What he did was above and beyond there are many teachers who just do the accomodations to the letter and are fine by it but this was a little beyond.


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