GATTACA: Spoilers

So the movie , when we look at the movie it brings up the important issue of if we can control what a person has in terms of ability or disability are we better off? The other thing that it brings out that was once not a "disability" became a disability because everyone else was so perfect. So it looks at both a man who had a "defect" because he had a high probability of heart diesease. He is seen to have a disability and is discriminated from the work force so he pretends to be someone else who is someone with the perfect genetics that had failed. That for the guy he took over his life of he was supposed to be so perfect but he didn't have any ambition and tried to comit sucide because he felt he was intitled to a more inperfect life and in the process becomes paralysised.

So then the question arises if the people who aquire disabilities later in life would be worse off in a society that tries to eliminate disabilities from birth but not by accident. However there is a part in the movie where a musician was born with 12 fingers so he could play a certant piano piece. So it lead to question that age old question if people with disabilities see something special about disabilities do they try to have kids with disabilities?

I think the movie also brings up the point that a lot of very inventive people have disabilities such as Davinci, Homor, Einstien, Edison, and Whoopi Goldberg to name a few. The question becomes if the person didn't have a disability would they have had the patients to prove something about themselves, which I think sometime patience is just that the ability to belive in something and have the patients that it will work out. If for instance Einstien was given a teaching job right away and was seen as a good writer would he have had to be as curious in other areas?

I wonder that all the time.... if I would of not had a disability would I have wanted to go to grad school, would I have pushed myself as much as I did? I don't know. I always think there are two types of people with Learning Disabilities maybe all disabilities the people who come out trying to prove they can do anything and the people who have been soooo downtroden they can't even see some of the things they have been told they should be able to do. Sometimes I wonder if it is just a characteristic of the person or if that is something some one can be taught.


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