Church and Ears

So for awhile about 14 years I have been dizzy, I am never not dizzy I just am dizzy. There are certain things that set it off mainly to do with ears, having too much wheat, going on an airplane, turning quickly, and organ music. Now I love my church it is this really cool old church that I have gone to for as long as I can rememeber. It was built in the 30s and is completly made of stone and has the second largest organ in the US and it is very cool.

If the guy who plays the organ plays low tones together then I get majorly dizzy and have passed out. My church is huge and has 2 masses that do not do this to me so I try to go to those ones. For the last 3-7 Christmases we go to this one mas where one of the bands from the 2 masses I usually go to is singing to avoid the dreded organ. However they switched it and there was no way to check it. I hate it cause I have to wander around the church and not being able to pray. I guess it is sorta silly I have tried other parishes but around here it seems like most masses have very large organs which make me dizzy. Now if the organs are happy organs no issue at all high notes no dizzy but sad notes make me dizzy and those tones where you can't hear them all you can feel is the vibrations definatly not good. So anyways it doesn't help my faith life to try to go to church and almost feel fourced out of the church.


  1. The organ is known as the "king of instruments." It is partly by design that it is supposed to blow you away, or consume all of your attention. :-D I'm sorry it makes you dizzy.

  2. I would be fine with it if they were happy songs, happy songs don't make me dizzy or if I know when not to go I am fine. If you are ever in MI though it is great organ music.

  3. This is a common experence among many dyslexic people - about 80% of us are sound based. Something is wrong in the part of the brain that balances and hears - this leads to the relization that reading while in loud or continuos sounds is a mistake for many dyslexic people.

    The other theoryatical side of this is that if you work on your balance and stretching that side of your brain it can have a very positive effect on your reading and writing under stress.

    I am adding your blog to my blogs recommended reading list - as I like your writing style and open process. When ever you get around to including links on your please link to mine.

    Eric Wolf

  4. Thanks for the add and suggestions and I will add a link to yours.


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