What did it mean...

I quickly learned more of what it meant, this diagnosis. One of the things, I think that is so paramount to the world of an LD person is that every process, any point, any task or work, has a multiple of parts. That no task is just a task, reading is not just reading; It is looking at words, understanding the meaning of the words, being able to pronounce them, recognizing the words, and comprehending them.. to name a few. All of those parts have different meaning for a dyslexic, we maybe able to understand a paragraph and have no clue how to decifer individual meanings or words or how to pronouce them. To look at these as one whole is a failing of many that try to understand us.

The diagnosis was an auditory, kenetic, and visual dyslexia. The auditory part means I hear things differently I flip words and parts of words around in my ears as well as my eyes. Hearing something and understanding the proper pronunciation may take longer.

The kenetic part means I have a very hard time with directions. As my friend says "You can take Val to a beach every year of her life to camp and she will still have no recolection on how to get around. I can't tell my left from my right. I have a hard time with spacial realities understanding how things fit together. I also had a very hard time learning how to write. Things such as correctly holding a pencil, being able to be able to be understood in the written word was and still is a hard thing.

The visual part has to do with fliping letters around. My hardest part is flipping vouls around consenets. My best friend since I was aroud 10 is names Josie and I can never rememeber if it is Joise or Josie. It is always a question, however her full name of Josephine, I have never had a problem with. One of the more interesting visuals is the fact that different colors, primarly a very bright or shinny background of the paper can make letters bounce or jump or spin on a paper. So much so that if i am trying to read the paper or power point I can become dizzy for hours.

So those are the things it meant, my issues as you were. My Mom was sadden greatly by the diagnosis frightened I would never be able to read for pleasure or read period. I was greatly excited by it. Untill I told a friend on the playground excitedly I am dyslexic I am dyslexic.... she thought it was a contageous diesease and ran away. That was the day I thought maybe this isn't so good. It was the first negative thing I heard and I quickly learned that this dyslexic thing might be something that should remain hidden.


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