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I have been looking around the web and I have been finding that most the blogs I find about people with Learning Disabilities are by parents or doctors. I am not a parent or a doctor, I am someone with LD and I also don't think the being LD is this horrible negative thing. It is who I am for as long as I can remember. The few memories I have of before I was diagnosised are primarly negative because I thought I was stupid. The diagnosises was prof I was smart and as down as I get knowing that being LD means you have a deficet between what you are capable and your product. The what you are capable meant I was always smarter than I felt. That is a pretty good feeling cause you are always smarter you just need to find ways to show that.

I am not a fan of no diagnosis, of calling people differently abled, learning difference, DisAbility, and any other termonology along those lines. When I talk about my disability I talk in terms of LD, Dyslexia, disability, and ADHD. I find it is important for people to see me as someone with a disability. Any fight I have is the fact that disabilities on the whole are stigmatized, a disability isn't a death sentence.

I also say this from experience for the first part of my life I was told I learned differently I didn't have a disability. Until high school I thought that meant that no one could understand me that this difference was something only I had that no one could understand my head. Disability is uniting it is part of a movement in this country for access. It meant I was no alone. I know people think disability doesn't include all people with disabilities can do. I however think that all the other words do not look at the whole picture either so why change wording.


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