Teachers and administrators: the good the bad and the ugly 1

So as all students with disabilies and parents of SWDs know that school and getting accomodations can suck. You fight for it all and hope, that something will happen that will work. Sometimes it is really discrimination, it is agaist the law and someone needs to do something for it to change, however when you are going through it you aren't thinking about the change you are thinking my kid or I needs accomodations!!! So how do you do it? I think the one thing I have learned most in this process is each teacher needs a different thing to have it work, here are some basic examples:

What's your story?: Some need you to have a little story time with them(you don't ever have to legally) they need to know the whys as much as I don't think you should have to sometimes once they know this it is like oh okay of course.

Education: Some have no clue about accomodations and you need walk them through it. Every part of it. This maybe giving them books about your disabilities or walking them through the process of accomodations.

Legal education: I find that stating this is important have you ever heard of the americans with disability act of 1990 or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990. I find that this statement with the year, the year is really scary to people. I find that this can open a lot of conversations. This will not work on special ed teachers or disability service providers cause they do and usually better then you.

Principle/special ed/ disability service provider help: Your school has people who should know the laws better then you who can help when people are unwilling to work with you, use them!!! Sometimes people need to hear it from someone who they know have power.

All of these are examples you can do that will help. I suggest working out your talk ahead of time, my son, daughter or myself has a disability. This is the acomodations we need, this is my documentation. On 80% of this one of these will work. Soon I will show examples of teachers each of them are different some are amazing, the dream teachers and some are the nightmares.


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