So We are Close to Thanksgiving... what am I most Thankful I learned from being dyslexic

So I talk a lot about disability as something you always feel. You know the good parts about it and the bad parts about it. At least I should say a learning disability. In Terry Goodkind's series the sword of truth he talks about the fact that you alway know magic is with you. That even when you aren't using it you feel it as a part of you. I feel that way about LD and Terry Goodkind is LD as well so I have been wondering if that is some how related to his disability.

People routinely talk about a cure for LD, I am always trying to figure out what the cure would fix. I know so much of my brain and how I think is because of my disability if you fix that who am I. Is it really possible to be me with out this disability. I do sometimes think if I could of found a cure before I knew the disability exsisted maybe I wouldn't know who I have become to be with out the cure.

Then I see people who weren't able to be reached by someone and I wonder what it is. Is the reaching out the cure. I don't think that is a disability thing. I think that is a person thing. We need to see the light in people because maybe we are the only one who saw that spectrum of their light.


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