So okay how did this start for you?

I want to start off with I entered school the year Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA)was passed. I know there were other laws that included people with disabilities starting in the 1970s before that but these laws I feel are parts of the major improvements I have seen through out my lifetime. So growing up as some one with a learning disability was not something most people were aware of. People usually did not get diagnosised as early as me. I also was in a Catholic school.... which did somethings good and some things not so good... the special ed part of it wasn't really there.

Also any blogs or publications I was reading about people with disabilities, went like this I was dumb, I had this problem and this prolem and my teachers hated me and then I found out I had a disability when I was in college or at earliest high school. Sometimes even when their kid was diagnosised with a disability. I never really related to this info cause, I was being told about them as a 12 year old and had been dyslexic for already 6 years.

When I was in Kindigarten they started noticing these discrepences. I couldn't cut straight, I wasn't reading, I wasn't writing well and I couldn't pay attention. However if you asked me a question orally I could answer and I could describe anything at or above my age group. So the school had a meeting with my parents saying for the scores and grades I was getting I shouldn't pass but I was too "smart" to hold back I would get board. I went on.

In first grade I was working at least 5 hours on homework each night. Everything I turned in looked like it was bleeding when it came back. There was soooo much red on everything. My mom didn't know what was going on, she kept trying to work with me. The teacher was saying I wasn't trying, but since she was working with me she knew I was trying. I thought my teacher hated me.

Then a friend of my mom's said why don't you check out if she has a learning disability. We went the psycologist who said "If there was a picture of someone who was dyslexic in the dictionary it should be of you." You are the classic case. I remember thinking how great it was I wasn't dumb, I wasn't stupid, I was Dyslexic!!! There was a reason to it. It was one of the best days of my life cause for the first time I really felt there was an answer.


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