I was told time and time again that I wouldn't like reading. I love reading. I love going into a world where it is me in this completly new world adventure where I can go anywhere and do anything. I love that wether I am am waiting for a bus or in my bed right before I go to bed I can go anywhere. I love that it feels like you are with a group of friends no matter where you go. I love the feel of a book exspecially an old book that you are on an adventure that so many people have gone on before. I love reading my friends favorite books because I think it really tells you about them, their hopes, their dreams, or even what they are most affraid of.

I think one of the things that people get wrong when teaching people how to read is they stop reading to them. While growing up even when I was starting to read, I was still being read to untill I could read chapter books. First it was the little kid books, then it was boxcar children, the chronicle of narnia, and eventually the hobit. The reading stoped the day I was able to read a chapter book by myself. I think that the reading actually increase when I went to school because I started to have problems and my family wanted me to love reading even though I was having great difficulty in it. Soon after all my family was reading to me from my parents, to cousins, and Grandparents. I also have to say that my family in general loves to tell stories and is very expressive when they read. I grew up with a love of the spoken word the variations and aliveness of characters. That in my head the voice of a character when reading changes and becomes the character.

Okay, so tools for dyslexic remember the part about how each thing has a part. My biggest tool in reading is this. When you hit a word you don't know skip it don't think of it as a word you have to know right then try to get the context of the paragraph. How does this word fit in. You don't need to know how to pronounce it or what it means to understand the point it is trying to read.

When I look at a paragraph it is not a word or a sentence I read in paragraphs. This makes me a very quick reader and makes reading all about context so reading comp I am really good at. However, if a book focus to much of details like describing a shelf it is like nonsesical to me all I hear is there is a shelf. It is like my mind blocks out those details.

Lastly, my favorite and least favorite part of watching a book I have read turned in a tv show or movie is that I lose my pronunciation of characters. My favorite example of this is dementors from Harry Potter, I thought it was pronounced denominator like the math term. Grant it math is scary but I guess J.K. Rowlings wasn't trying to make that point.


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