LD... The work begins

So, the first thing that happens is you learn about these things called accomodations. In grade school a lot of it was spelling not counting on no spelling tests. Maybe a little extra time and also for the first couple of years having my teacher not use red pen when checking my paper so it looked less like a glob of red writing that was completly covered.

I also got a tutor and my mom started learning all these different techniques to use on me. One that I remember quiet visably was having flashcard that had all one sound so it would be Sh-ell, Sh-oe, ect and each ending or begining had it's one set of cards. Others were very exact ways of studing if I was studying spelling first day of the week way just flash cards, second day, flashcards and a quiz, third day flash cards quiz and writing out words I got wrong 5 times each, 4th day 3 quizes and writing the ones I got wrong 10 times each. If I got through that a B or C on a spelling test, if it was a half week C, D, or F. We used heavy phonetics with the tutor but most of it was my mom. If it wasn't for her I don't know where I would of been.

It was tough work, it isn't easy and I fought it most of the way cause there were restrictions to what you can do with that much school work. I joke that grad school was way easier then grade school, not by my mind thinking about all these issues but the work load. I was spending 5 or 6 hours a day every day after school. It was just work. In the summers and breaks too, cause I could catch up in summers or breaks if I was behind. I spent hours tracing letters. Going to an easters seals handwriting camp when I was little during the summer. In a lot of ways it was horrible, but after 3 or 4 years it became less and less. Things just started to be easier. I don't know how to discribe it. You also learn how much work is good for too, if you learn that if you work 2 hours and you get an B+ or A- and you work 5 or 6 and you still get the same grade. Why work more?

You learn your own treshholds of what is possible and sometimes you have to realize if an A is possible, it may not be worth it to find out or an A might not be all that matters. This works for any grade, but you need to pass so a C is always worth it.


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