Books and Moviie/TV show Sugestions 1#

So many people collect and read books, my focus is disability books I try to read as many as I possibly can. I find as many as I can. They are not just LD books but for this first section of suggestions I am going to talk about LD and disability in general books.

The Cosby Show - Season 1 - This tv show is probably the most relatable to people with learning disabilities. Bill Cosby's kid was dyslexic and so I find the portrayl of theo as having dyslexia to be the truest to real life I have ever seen. Through out the show there are clear signs of the dyslexia, then he is diagnosised in his freshmen year of college. It really shows the excitement I talked about of not being dumb, it is very true to my experience at least even though Theo finds out in College. It even eventually shows him working with kids and helping to connect one to services for students with dyslexia. While it isn't something that is always talked about on the show I think it shows something really unique cause it is a show where you see the changes from the first episode where the Dad is yelling at Theo for having a D on a paper to the last episode with his graduation from college.

To Read or Not to Read: Answers to All Your Questions About Dyslexia This is the book that was the first book that made me not ashamed of my disability again it was amazing. I read it as a 7th grader and it did a lot of the things, that I think a book should do. It told me that I was not alone and that there was hope.

JOSH: A Boy With Dyslexia This book is one of the few novels writen about dyslexia, I find it very interesting and helpful when I was little. It was a book I could really relate to.

No Pity : People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement- I have heard this book to be called by many the disability bible. I totally agree with this statement. It really gives you a good history of people with disability and the ideologies involved with them, I think it really is an easy to read book and one I suggest to people to read all the time. I have never had anyone be disappointed with it and most people find it very eye opening.


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