pity and inspiration

So I just read this article and think it is awsome  I have tried to explain this many times and have a really hard time explaining this concept.

For me the most obvious time this happened was I used to give trainings about how to make things accessible when I was an undergrad in college. I would give the presentation all about ways to be more accessible in programing and also teaching about basic disability 101 type things. At the end of the presintation some one would say "you have dyslexia and ADHD and your in college I couldn't do it lets give her a hand." One I do many other things other then just going to college all of you also were in college yay you, you are doing amazing things. In that instance it ruins any ability to tell if they are impressed I exsisted or think my presentation rocked.

The same thing happened when I brought in a speaker with a disability and all the people were asking questi…

confidence vs persistence

I have been told lately I do not exude confidence which I don't never have. Always have been that person who thinks of herself and being kinda aqward but once I am comfortable in a location I can be very confident. To me it is a very transiant idea that changes with situations. These same people have been calling me out cause it has been in presentations. One thing I hate more then anything is being called out in a presentation. That is why I alway volunteer. The old trick I learned in school that most of the questions the teacher asks you will not know but when you do you better answer it so she doesn't call on you when you do not know a question.

I also have been thinking confidence I am not sure. Persistence has always been one of my qualifiers. Persistence and  confidence often go together but are not the same. If I want something I will work my butt off for it. I will be told no a billion times, because I just haven't goten it yet. However it has to be with self effic…


I used to dream of dyslexic friends..... i have by being out many a dyslexic sometimes I think in my head that we all hide from each other. I work fairly closely with many friends who all work in different types of disability work. All of them have different disabilities and none of them have dyslexia. I was on a listserv recently and some one was looking for someone who looks at dyslexia from a disability studies perspective and I think I was all they found. My question to all of you is why? 
I do not know I have always found my disability to be this hidden thing that greatly affects me that I almost want to scream about cause it is something no one gets and I want to talk about and feel I can't. I also in a way I haven't seen in other areas see parents of dyselxics take this huge role in pushing dyslexic issues further and people with dyslexia are not. 
I feel issolated in this way. I also find the way I think about disability in general to be unique and in this something th…


I don't ever remember being specifically told I was smart. Like oh she is smart and there is someone at work who right now that is how she introduces me. I have found this interesting cause my dyxlexic brain doesn't know what to say to it. Even after a masters degree my reaction is to say you must be confused I am supposed to be dumb. It makes me really happy to hear... and it is wierd cause I thought I had got past those demons in your head that tell you your dumbe I guess not.

Disability and pregnancy

So disability and pregnancy, as part of my job I check out news articles on google about LGBT and women and have read a lot of different things. I also love when women and LGBT and disability are intersecting. Many of you know this about me. So the above article looks at disability and women and pregnancy. 
I don't know how I feel about this. I think pregnancy should be covered under multiple laws that I think should exist that currently don't. I also think it is interesting that people in the comments section have no idea what ADA is. ADA is not about social security or getting money from the government, in fact ADA is probably the exact opposite of this because it is main goal is to get people with disability to be able to have access to the world and inturn a job. ADA is that people should not discriminate against people because of disability or precieved disability and that not accommodating people because of disability is discrimination. Now you maybe asking what is an acc…

Wicked and disability

So as some of you know I love the Wizard of Oz, have as long as I can remember. During this break I saw Wicked, which in many ways was an awsome musical. I loved the songs, I loved the sets, the actresses were very good who played the leads, and I thought it was closer to the real Oz books and character then the Wicked book was.

However, I don't know if I was just so angry at the book in general that I forgot how bad it was disability wise or if the play was worse. I have always been intriged by the Oz books because they have all these creatures with mutations, adaptations, and different ways of doing things. So I always thought the Oz books themselves were pretty disability friendly in general. The entire character of the Tin Woodsman is about aputation and creating tin prostetics to keep him alive. It asks the basic question of if someone is  adapted are they still a person and comes with the answer of yes. So in general on the Val scale of disability good books it has always be…

Rereading the Book that Changed my Life

Last time I went to my favorite bookstore, I found an old copy of the book that I read in 7th grade that helped me understand Dyslexia. It is called To Read or Not to Read by Daphne M. Hurford, I was currious if the book would still be good to someone who has read tons on disability and also on idenity and not just on the medical view of Disability. 14 years later it made me happy in most of the same ways. It talks about famous people with disabilties and about how different people with dyslexia work to achieve. It talks about discrimination, differences in laws and how special education can be different per school. It also talks about the differences between high school and college. Rereading it, it reads in many of the ways I think if I were to write a book it would sound. I think this probably means as well that this book has shaped most of how I view my dyslexia.

What also facisnates me about her book is how it is one big story. A story of the people who have dyslexia and how dysle…